• Image of Donation Series: The Sleep of Reason IV

Ink on Paper
Frame Size: 17” x 17” (White Frame with Glass)
Image Size: 15” x 15”

The Sleep of Reason is a series of paintings and drawings that decode and stitch together the writings from an dream journal which documents dreams, nightmares, hypnagogia and various liminal states experienced during sleep. This body of work, is an exploration of the visual imagery and setting of those liminal states. Focused on the visual setting of the dreams,
The Sleep of Reason gives an opportunity to explore dreams recollected from notes, memory and writings.

This specific drawing recounts a dream journal entry that involves a intense battle between Kaijus and the US Air Force in the Roman Coliseum. In this arena setting, secret experiments were being conducted in an ancient Roman Coliseum, which caused an outbreak of Kaijus and other strange creatures. The US Air Force then released Jet Fighters to quell the outbreak before it broke out of the bonds of this ancient arena.

The drawing comes framed with glass.

25% of Proceeds will go to RAICES Texas, which is a nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees. https://www.raicestexas.org/about/


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